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My Story

I found that there was a lot of information out on the market. There was just so many people talking about property when I started and it was quite confusing. I really got confused and scared. Scared to start, scared to put all that money into something that's so valuable and big demand.

What I found refreshing when I first think about it was that it wasn't about here's something for you to buy, it was actually about you need to learn about why we do these things, why do we invest, and how we choose our property and our investment. So that was something very different that I didn't see before. Custodian means that I have a system, I have a method of investing that replicates and that works. I'm now on my way to financial security, I have a pathway. Here I am, a number of years down, and I have done it. And I've also shown some of our closest relatives and they've also started joining. 


I would say that you need to look carefully at it and it can be done. When you do look around and you look where to invest for the future. You talk to friends, family, colleagues, naturally. Most people would find reasons to be careful, to not do something, and what that does, and for me initially, was that I was afraid.

So you don't start. And one sure way of not getting the result is don't do anything. I would say that you do need to look what makes sense. Because if it makes sense to you, then surround yourself with people who think that way, it's definitely the motivating factor for me.

It's been 13 years since I've started the programme and we have used all the advantages that's available in the tax system to help us pay off our mortgage earlier and use the equity build up in our own home to purchase investment properties and to replicate. That's been a fair eye opener for me. Custodian gave me the security and the confidence that I'm dealing with people that I can trust and that I can rely on to help me start this journey.

I've never looked back since.

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