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When we first went to the seminar, we were not in the space of looking for property. We didn't actually have a plan for retirement, but what Custodian did is they advised us that we all need, even as young as we were, we needed to focus on how we're going to meet our retirement needs. And, once we spent the time to investigate the plan and understand what they were actually offering, we could see that it would work for us.

Future plans at Custodian is that we would probably have another one or two properties that we would need to purchase before we retire. We're both looking to retire early, or get out of the job, out of our jobs that we're currently in in the next five to 10 years. And, then we would sit back and reap the benefits of our portfolio. Without Custodian in our lives, our lives would be significantly different. 

We now have a very focused plan on what we need to do to build wealth for our retirement. That has given us tremendous opportunities throughout the journey to provide wonderful opportunities to our children and for us to be able to release some of the wealth that we've been able to amass throughout this process. It's not all about waiting for retirement. Along the way you need to have a bit of fun also. The journey with Custodian has been one of education and knowledge, and what we've been able to do is pass that education and knowledge on to our children, even to the extent that we've given them their own share portfolios to manage and they're well and truly on target with us on their properties. They visit their property when we do our inspections and they're aware that it is important to have a strategy for retirement, even at a very young age. Custodian's 7 Steps to Wealth is understandable and believable and it works.

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