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My name is Jason. And I became part of the Custodian Group back in 1998, I was introduced to the programme, and John in particular. I was lucky enough to invest in a couple of properties back then. It's been a fantastic journey for myself.

At one stage my wife and I actually had six properties, we we're able to offload and sell three properties to fund our family home now, here in Melbourne.
And we're now back on the journey, still holding three properties, and we're just about to go through the process of purchasing our fourth property, here in Melbourne this time. My background, AFL footballer, played in three clubs, Collingwood, Adelaide and the North Melbourne Kangaroos. In 2002 unfortunately, I found myself in a situation in Bali on holidays, where I was caught up in the terrorist attacks, in that year of October 2002.

Obviously it was a very difficult period for myself and my family during that time, where I was in hospital in Bali and then via Darwin, back here to Melbourne, to the Alfred hospital, where I was fighting for my life. I had amazing support and I think that's what's really important with anything you do, that ability to set goals and challenge yourself, but you need outstanding people around you and tremendous support, and I certainly had that in that situation. The injuries I sustained, I suffered 50% burns to my body, perforated eardrums and numerous shrapnel wounds from being in Paddy's bar that night and only five metres from where the first of the bombings took place. So the Custodian journey has continued, like I said at the beginning, from 1998 and it was a really interesting time, when I go back to that period in hospital after the incident in Bali, I remember sitting there, laying there, 'cause I couldn't do too much, but my wife was really concerned, she was trying to think about because it was a real struggle for me at the time, what were the things she had to take care of at home. I remember her saying one thing about the investment properties in Queensland, what do I need to do with them? I said you don't need to do anything, it's a well structured programme, they're well set up, they'll take care of themselves. That's what I found about this programme, once you get set up, once you get started probably the thing that I've had is made sure I've had that strong interest and go back and re-check and re-evaluate, what's the valuations like, what's the rent at the moment. Because you can, it is so easy, you can get in the habit of just letting it go. That's what I said to my wife, it'll be okay, it'll be fine, and it has been. It's been a great journey for us, it's one that we're still on, and it's one that we want to continue on because we know that's our way forward. We've got the lovely home in Melbourne, but obviously a little bit of debt on that, this is a way and a means in which we can really set ourselves up.

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