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Vinod Bali & Meena

My Story

I found Custodian through one of my friend. I went to his office, saw a book Seven Steps to Wealth. I asked him what this book was and then just explained how the Custodian is. What it's all about and from there I am with Custodian and going to the seminars, learn more about that.

And that's become a game-changer for me for my investment properties. The seminar was really a game-changer. It was things which I never knew before. It was a eye-openers. Like how the property works and how can you get things from taxation purposes and some of the properties that cost you nothing, like a cup of coffee like to be. Yeah so that's them things I never knew before. So once I knew these things I was more confident investing in the properties.

Yes so that's how I bought like 4 properties in the last 4 years. And yes the programme is great. 

Custodian seminars are really very important to understand how the things, how the property market works, and the stat is really eye-opening. It tells you like how the property has performed in the last 100 years. By going to seminars, I really didn't know anything, we were just buying here and there and hoping to go up, but the information we get in the seminars is real picture, real numbers.
So we can play with the numbers and we can expect things to do up to 5 years, 10 years and how it works.Attending the seminars and listening to the plans and the education we got from them, it was really like the life changing sort of thing so, change in my thought process as well.
So after like you know, buying that first property it slowly and slowly got better and better and better. So after the 4th property, it's now easy and like, you know, we can definitely go more and more like you know in the few coming years.We bought our first property in 2011. And that property has done really good. So we use the capital growth of that one to buy another one, and so on, and we have 4 properties to controlling.

We're happy with that. Yes that was our main purpose of investing in the properties so we can set ourselves for retirement. Like earlier we didn't know all these things so we could only have one property in last 15 years but the Custodian programme was such a good programme and we could buy 4 in the last 4 years. Speeded up our process and we are set for retirement and we don't have to worry now. - The future is secure now. - Yes. I think investment in property, if I can do it, anyone can do it. I'm just an electrician, , I'm not a rocket scientist. I think, this is, go to the seminars, they tell you everything from A to Z. Anyone can understand. - It's very smooth running, working with them, it's a great team of people over there. They give you every sort of advice, like financial advice or . . . basically it's like the education they give you. It's not they forcefully tell you to buy this or that, but they first teach you all the principles of buying and investing. - We have recommended this programme to friends. One of our friends already joined Custodian. He bought a property through them. And we already told our future son-in-law who is going through the programmes. So, and he's ready to buy his first property through them. He's excited. By coming to Custodian seminars, the information was a game changer. That's how we get confident and keep buying property one after the other in last 4 years. Early it was very hard because we didn't understand the process. But after understanding the process it was like, nothing for us. We just keep bringing. Custodian's text is so simple, I just wonder why we didn't pick it up earlier by ourselves. But once we going to them that it's so simple and easy to follow. - The good thing is anytime we have any doubts or questions in our mind, like something, if, nothing is clarified, it's so simple and easy. We just pick up a phone and just give a call to one of the advisors over there and they're happy to receive our calls, clear our doubts, whatever we have. I'm really glad to find Custodian through one of Vinny's friends, so we will definitely recommend to people, right now, any near and dear friends. Because looking at us, they can see, okay, if they can do it, we can do it. It's a smooth running, working with them, and there's no hassle at all, so, why not? They're very friendly people, so it's okay to go with them. I think we have a good relationship with them and strong bond. It's good. - They have a 20 years Custodian with a trusted name and very important to us before we put our life savings into an investment property. So we need to find someone who can be trusted and I can say I haven't anything more trusted than Custodian. 

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