Alex Fitzgerald

Acquisitions Manager - VIC

About Alex

  • STARTED IN 2012
  • Alex holds Certificates in Mortgage Broking and Financial Planning. She is also a Licensed Real Estate Agent in Victoria and Queensland
  • Alex is the daughter of CEO, John Fitzgerald, and has chosen to follow in his footsteps and work within the company. Alex is tasked with sourcing land in growth areas throughout Victoria which provide sound investment opportunities for our clients; this involves analyzing market data, feasibility assessment, negotiation, and managing stakeholder relationships.
  • Alex Fitzgerald purchased her first investment property through Custodian at the age of 22 in Queensland and purchased her second at 24. She is currently saving her third property and will most likely purchase in another state to diversify her portfolio.
  • She used to come into the office on school holidays and research data on suburbs that John Fitzgerald would give her. She loves to read crime and thriller novels and is known as the office pranker.
  • Alex is based at our Melbourne Office and can be contacted via phone and email.