James Fitzgerald

General Manager

About James

AKA - Fitzy

YOUR GO TO COFFEE ORDER? Double Shot Flat White


  • 10 years with JLF Group of companies
  • James holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Law and Commerce – Majoring in Accounting
  • James is the nephew of CEO, John Fitzgerald and has been in charge of running the Acquisitions and Construction departments at Custodian since shortly after starting working for John. His knowledge and passion for the company is extensive.
  • James’ initial role involves supervising and overseeing the research, acquisitions and construction teams, essentially all that relates to the product our Clients invest in. James owns two Custodian properties and is currently developing and building his first home.
  • James starts the day with an hour of exercise; he loves Netflix TV series and has a sweet tooth.
  • James is based at our Head Office on the Gold Coast and can be contacted via phone and email.


The research James and his team undertake, identifies the high growth areas around Australia; they collect and interpret data on the areas we have previously put Custodian Clients into, where they track how well they are performing and why.

Our Construction Team, who work very closely with the Acquisitions Team, ensure that the right type of home is built on each block of land; one that is going to give the client optimal cash flow benefits. We then supervise the construction processes to ensure each Custodian property is built in accordance with the plan, on time and on budget.

More recently (April 2018) James was promoted and is now heading the JLF Group as General Manager. We wish him the very best.