7 Steps to Wealth – 8th Edition

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7 Steps to Wealth is a proven formula you can repeat again and again to reach financial freedom.

This book is recommended by three Australian Property Billionaires.

John is not just an author; he has been in property for 35 years and built his own fortune. Every Australian must read this book.
— Bob Ell, Top 100 BRW Billionaire 2017

What this book will teach you that no other book will:

  1. The one secret of all financial success
  2. The biggest mistake made by Australian property investors
  3. How to have positive cash flow and still get a $10,000 tax deduction
  4. Established capital benchmarks and best location identifiers
  5. Why you can’t trust the banks
  6. How to build your own land bank
  7. Why you should never buy apartments as investments
  8. How to turn $100,000 into $1.28m with case studies from Aussies who’ve done it

*The proceeds of every book you purchase is donated in full to Toogoolawa Schools Limited. Thank you for your support.