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‘In an ever changing investment climate you need
an all-weather, proven property strategy. And this is it.

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John Fitzgerald wrote this book more than 20 years ago. It explains the vital difference between property and real estate, but more importantly how every homeowner should be utilising their most previous asset to gain long term financial benefits - safely. It also expands into one of the most underrated concepts when it comes to finance: Good Debt vs Bad Debt. This book is recommended by three of Australia's biggest property billionaires, as an essential tool that should be taught in schools. The First chapter is on us. Enjoy.

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Making investment attainable

' Once you understand how it all works and how you just need to be a home owner and employed to start, it is a game changer. The author has managed to make investment attainable, in a simple language anyone can understand, not just investors. On point.

Frenchie, Brisbane (Booktopia)

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