Why us?


We’ve operated in the property industry for more than 20 years and we are genuinely there with you every step of the way. That's our culture. That’s our DNA.
We have never had one house delivered $1 over budget and every single house has been tenanted.


We have delivered to our clients over 10,000 houses on detached allotments in four major Australian capital cities during three economic upswings and downturns, through flood and drought, with constant changes to government legislation and council conditions.


The property investment strategy is to create income, reduce tax and increase cash flow, so you are in a position where your investment doesn’t cost you any money while providing ongoing tax deductions and most importantly growing your wealth. How good is that?

Our Commitment with Toogoolawa

“Many of our clients have visited the school and embraced the HEART
we have for our children.
That then becomes a base for their living,
investing, for reaching their full potential'.”

Toogoolawa means a place in the heart.

Since 1989 we have provided accommodation and education to boys who society has left behind. Aged 8-15 they have mostly been excluded from mainstream schooling and are often traumatized in their living environment.

Each year the school costs us over $1.5 million to run. We believe that is money well spent. In 2014, the Queensland Government acknowledged the ground-breaking methods we use - and our amazing teachers and social workers - by granting Toogoolawa $3 million to build a new wing. So why does Custodian support Toogoolawa?

Why does Custodian support Toogoolawa?

The answer can be found in the values of John L. Fitzgerald. In 7 Steps to Wealth he advises readers to: 'be all you can be'. He created Custodian specifically to support Toogoolawa and its work of helping boys to follow that advice and be all they can be.

Children at Toogoolawa sitting next to each other and smilling

Why you?

The real numbers

There are 700 Australians retiring every day. 85% of those are doing so on the pension. Our question to you is: How to have your best retirement financial planning? Are you ready to retire on $34K per year for your household? If the answer is no, this is the right place to start.

Your plan B

Many of our clients own multiple properties, our most successful clients own more than 10. They have achieved this by focussing on the simple strategy of buying land for growth, a house for income and maximizing tax deductions to improve performance.

A better outlook

Securing land today is just the first step. As land grows in value in the future you are able to use the equity to duplicate. When this happens you will realize the full power of the 7 Steps To Wealth strategy.

You’re in good hands

Uncover the real in real estate

Custodian Webinars

We know how time-poor we all are. These two short 15-minute and 35-minute free online webinars will provide you with information on what our proven strategy is all about.


Meet the Team

The Custodian team are skilled, friendly individuals, all possessing very particular areas of expertise, in property management, development, investment, finance, marketing, client services and more.

A consultant from Custodian are talking with a couple about their first investment in property

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Wondering if Property Investment is for you? Not sure where to start? Have questions about how we operate? Do you have any doubts about whether you can borrow or not? How do you work out your borrowing capacity?

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