If you don’t yet know what your life’s purpose is, I suggest you start here. Set goals that you think will make you (1) happy and (2) useful – whether they’re goals related to wealth, career, relationship, sport or creativity, and whatever they are in the detail. They may only be steps along the way – and you may find yourself, sooner or later, on another path entirely. That’s okay, that’s the journey.

If your target destination from the outset is based on happiness and usefulness, your journey will take you to some really interesting, fulfilling and challenging places – and that’s where more specific signposts will come into view.

The fact is you’re more likely to attract the success you want if you set the goal – and then let it go and focus on enjoying the journey. If you do, you won’t get frustrated by challenges and changes along the way. You won’t start thinking negatively (which only attracts negative people and outcomes). Instead, you will develop your potential and make the most of all the resources and opportunities that come your way. And you won’t ‘arrive’ empty and disappointed.

Success brings rewards. It has payoffs. However you define ‘success’ for yourself, it will bring with it a cluster of positive meanings and outcomes. – Goals Workbook

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Please note: This is an extract from the Goals Workbook– it may not contain the exercises from the full version of the book/audioset, for full version please contact us or follow our blog for more.

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