Year-End Financial Review: Reflect & Plan

Our expert panel is ready to provide the insights you need to stay focused and motivated. Here’s what to expect:

NUMBERS: John Fitzgerald will dive into the key numbers with his dashboard, including the critical balance between supply and demand.

TRENDS: James will chat with Tim Lawless, Head of CoreLogic, to review the last six months and assess the performance of houses vs. apartments, along with housing performance in the capital cities.

FINANCE: Join the Investloan Wealth Wizards, Bernie and George, for a financial deep dive. In their first episode, they’ll cover borrowing capacity, strategies for maximising results, alternative lender options, credit scores, and tips to keep your financial position secure.

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We are mindful of everyone’s schedule so to make sure that no one misses out, we have scheduled four sessions, from Tuesday to Saturday. 

11, 12, 13 & 15
JUNE 2024

Online Webinar

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Tuesday, 11th June, 7pm AEST

Wednesday, 12th June, 8pm AEST

Thursday, 13th June, 9pm AEST

Saturday, 15th June, 10am AEST

Duration: Approximately 45 minutes + 15 minutes of Live Q&A