The hardest question for most people to answer is: what do I really want from life?

When I talk about setting goals – I don’t mean that you have to have ‘one big thing’ that your whole life is going to be directed towards. I mean you need to focus on something in order to give your life some priorities. Those priorities will:

• Give you increasing clarity, by clearing away things that aren’t important to you

• Help you develop discipline to get you moving and see you through the challenges ahead

• Commit you to action – in a way that mobilises all sorts of resources: people, ideas, learning, and opportunities.

As you move forward and encounter those people, ideas and opportunities, signposts will appear – and your interests, abilities and possibilities will become clearer. You’ll become aware of all sorts of ‘threads’ and ‘messages’ in your life that will whisper to you about where you’re heading. You’ll learn what things really give you a ‘buzz’. You’ll find all kinds of potential in yourself that are currently untapped… You’ll discover your purpose and passion in life as you go.

It comes down to this: you have to set out from somewhere before you can get anywhere. Goals are like a compass – they set the direction, not the destination! 

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