The most asked question I get is how do I stay so positive all the time? It’s most frequently asked in July…… People getting the winter blues! And hasn’t it been a cold one in Melbourne?? Before I answer the question I want to make something absolutely clear – STUFF happens to me as much as any of you, have no doubt about that. I’m not luckier than you but the saying is true ……….’you do make your own luck’.

How to stay positive………work at FEELING the positivity around you.

All doubt, all problems, all anxiety, fear, in fact everything negative starts in your head. So get out of your head and into your heart.
And that to me is the number one issue I see in people today – they are numb. They have lost their ability to feel life, positivity, abundance, love with every cell of their body. They live constantly worried about what might happen……..

And this is the way society is designed. The media, our technology, your jobs, politicians just about every aspect of life we are constantly drilled on fear…….watch out for…….everything.

I don’t read the papers. I don’t watch the news. Sometimes I will listen to radio news if I’m in the car. Every day I prioritise feeling positivity.

I work at feeling positivity. You have to because our urban environment is working against you.

For more than 20 years each Monday I go to Toogoolawa School, which I established with Dr Ron Farmer and his wife Su, for all the kids that have been kicked out of mainstream schools. They are 8-15 years of age and some haven’t been at any school for 2 years.  We start Monday’s with meditation and our affirmation that we all say together (75 kids and 12 staff), ‘we start the day with love, we fill the day with love, we end the day with love. This is the way we live’. It sounds simple. It is simple. But when 90 of us say it together it’s powerful. Then we have silence for 10-15 minutes. You can feel a special energy in the room……. Positivity, love, and belonging.

A few months ago one of the 13 year old boys’ father was tragically murdered on a Saturday night (he belonged to a bikie gang). Isaac came to school on the Monday, this surprised me so I told him he didn’t have to come today. He told me he had nowhere else to go. This is a perfect example of what the school stands for – Toogoolawa is an aboriginal word meaning ‘a place in the heart’.

Do something with a group each week designated purely to Love without any reward for you. Where there is creativity there is no worry, where there is worry there is no creativity.

Make sure you spend at least 1 hour a day, or lots more, in your right brain. Whatever challenge you face you also have the ability to resolve, without conflict.

Do it creatively. That means turning off your technology.

What I don’t like about technology is that it causes you to be reactive. When you’re reactive you’re not moving forward, you forfeit creativity. When you forfeit creativity you’re a breeding ground for worry. I don’t have a computer on my desk nor a PC. I do have an iPad, that’s enough for me.

What else will you do to make your life more enjoyable and inspire others?

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