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We’re all about showing Aussies how to grow wealth with Real Estate – and more importantly Land. Take a peek at the options below and see what suits you best.

Your initial consultations and our events won’t cost you a cent. So why not take advantage and shake up your views on financial freedom?

What steps can you take next?

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Attend a 7 Steps to Wealth webinar

Your best starting point: one-hour duration online webinar with Q&A at the end. Thousands attend our webinars every month and 99% learn something about Real Estate Investment.
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it all starts with setting goals, then we look at your financial position and how you can make it work for you to achieve those goals. Ask us how.
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“In an ever-changing investment climate, you need an all-weather, proven property strategy. And this is it.”

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Wanting to refinance, find the right loan, or check on your finances. This is the right team.
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Your mentors

Investloan Lending Solutions https://custodian.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/JAMESBERNIE-INTERVIEW-1080v2.mp4 Why Investloan? We Are The Residential Investment Loan Experts We are finance experts and will find you a loan at the best available interest rates in no time – we specialize in residential investment loans and offer clear advice on structuring and selecting investment loans that will work for you as…

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Finance Strategy

1 – 1.5 hour – one on one (best booked after watching an online webinar on Mortgage Reduction Strategy

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John Fitzgerald and James Fitzgerald

While John has been in Real Estate since he was 17 years old, mentored by some of the best in the business, James followed the steps of his uncle just over ten years ago, by joining Custodian and learning from the best.

John & James will be there with you along the way on your journey to building wealth, for you and your family. 

What we mean by wealth is not having to worry about money and enjoying the lifestyle you deserve – now and at retirement.

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The Journey with Custodian

1. Search for the Right Land

We source land in super high growth areas and within councils that have a propensity for higher density rezoning to maximise our land growth per m2. Our events will inform you on how to follow the right strategy to acquire this land.

2. Educating & goal setting

We educate Australians on how to invest in property to reach their full financial potential by hosting seminars and webinars across the country, and have done so for more than 25 years. After each event you are invited to sit down with the team to go over your personal goals. Free of charge.

3. Investigate - Financial Strategy

After the goals session, you are invited to take the next step and sit down with one of our financial strategists to dig into the numbers and assess whether you are financially able to start (or continue) investing in property.

4. Finance & Legal teams

The next step is to really crunch the numbers and evaluate the land to see if it all stacks up for our clients. When you start the journey with us, our Investloan finance team, along with our legal team, will work their wizardry to get you to settlement.

5. Construction and Property Advice Management

After land settlement, our construction team will work with you until handover. we also put you in touch with one of our preferred agents to secure a tenant as soon as possible — and if our agents somehow can't get a tenant in, we'll personally pay the rent until they do (That is our Tenant Gap Cover guarantee – 12months)!

6. Ongoing Support, Education & Duplication

We empower our clients to manage their own properties, and provide them with full ongoing support and advice after their tenant moves in, regardless of whether they’re just starting their portfolio or have millions of dollars’ worth of properties.

7. Help you achieve Step 7