Your Tailored 7 Steps to Wealth Strategy:

Post-appointment, we dedicate substantial time to understand and strategize your financial future.

Key Services:

  • Quick confirmation (within 3 business days) if a strategy can benefit you.
  • Customized wealth-building strategy.
  • Personalized presentation document.
  • Exclusive Real Estate selection services.

What's Next?

Strategy Session Appointment:
Duration: 1.5 – 2 hours.
Discover how to reduce debts, optimize taxes, and grow wealth with a proven real estate strategy.

Preparation Tips:

  • Note down any questions.
  • Keep financial documents handy (payslips, mortgage statements, etc).
  • Open your mind to a unique financial perspective, shared by the top 1% of Australians.

Holding Deposit for Your Strategy Session:

When: Within 14 days, 9am – 3pm.
Amount: $249 (Includes GST), only charged under specific conditions (detailed below).


7 Steps to Wealth Satisfaction Guarantee:
We’re committed to your satisfaction. If our strategies don’t aid your decision-making, you’re entitled to a full refund.


Important to Remember: 

  • $1 commitment charge on your credit card. 
  • The full fee is applicable only if you cancel or don’t attend the scheduled appointment. 
    Secure online or phone credit card transactions. 

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