Tonight’s the night! You’ve just received this SMS from the 7 Steps to Wealth team, who invited you to an event. They have so much in store for you, an SMS is just not enough to express to you how important that event will be for your future.

Don’t get me wrong, they all say the same (or very similar) about why you should attend, and there is no easy way to convince you that THIS EVENT is the one you should go to if a plan B is what you’re looking for.

Think about it – worst case scenario, you will learn a thing or two, and hopefully this will be enough for you to take action, on your own or with our help. We don’t mind either way.


Last thing I wanna do after work

Fair enough, when you get to the end of the day, you just rather go home, put your feet up and pour yourselfa glass of wine. Disconnect from everything work related and chill. We do too. Some of you would rather go to the gym to unwind and socialise with your workout mates.

There are so many excuses why I should just pass on tonight’s event, yet…There are things in life you just can’t dismiss. One of them is your future (I see you smile and roll your eyes) and how taking action today will make a world of a difference later. Best way to explain it is take a couple of minutes and hear our Clients say it better than we do – THEY know.

One Tuesday night, many years ago they dragged themselves out to one of our events and thought “what the heck, what have I got to loose. Plus they are feeding me and I’ll go home with a brand new Android!”

Those clients today are glad they took that decision. They are about to retire, some early, with a PLAN B. And that just means we’ve done our job here.


You stay, I’ll go

Let’s take you back in time when you first decided to live together. Decision you BOTH took. Remember that day you picked the new paint for the living room, or chose the next holiday destination, that first house you bought, yes, that was because of both of you were looking at houses and together you picked the one that’s just right, for both of you.

Every household in Australia has one or more decision makers. The worst thing we can do is have just one of us attend an event. Why?

Let’s just say the speaker has a wealth of experience, what is presented on the night is simply invaluable – it is not something you can just tell your other half about, when you get home. We think we do, but then we miss the detail that is the key element to making a decision for our future. 

Do yourself a favour. Bring your other half to this event, have a drink on arrival, sit down, relax, take some notes, ask questions. Only both of you can decide TOGETHER if this is life-changing and whether the solution we are about to show you is in fact such great timing.

If anything, take that one hour out of your day and put it under education.

See you tonight.

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