If you’re standing still you’re going backwards.’

Firstly, a big welcome to 2015!

We’ve started the year from a real estate perspective – flying. In January alone, we saw Melbourne grow by 2.8%, Sydney by 1.4% and Brisbane, still following closely, growing by 0.7%.  I’ve also seen some outstanding sales in Ipswich Shire that has literally changed our valuations overnight, which is great news for our Ipswich investors. A 20 year old house sold for 485,000 in January as did another dual occupancy for $620,000.

And now as you know, we’ve seen interest rates cut which has reignited Sydney’s buying frenzy (82% auction clearance).

In January, Custodian bravely ventured where we’d never been before and launched our premiere client event of the year ‘Kick Start’, via a webcast. We’ve been able to reach so many more clients through this new technology and the feedback has been really great. It was a momentous occasion for us and while we did experience some technical glitches – sometimes you have to push through some discomfort to get amazing results.  Just like those of you have committed to staying off CATS (Caffeine, Alcohol, Tobacco and Sugar). The feedback has been inspiring!

My personal Kick Start highlight was hearing from Australian hero and long-term client, Jason. Jason was an AFL player who joined Custodian in 1998. He amassed a portfolio of six properties at the peak of his career when everything was turned upside down in Paddy’s bar, Bali, that fateful night. His wife Narissa asked him at his hospital bedside what to do about their six properties and his answer was, “Don’t worry about it, they take care of themselves, it’s a good program, well set up.” That was a realisation for me. While our program is not exciting, it is low risk; you literally let time work for you.

So, 2015…three headlines: Interest rates, population growth and China.

Today, we have the lowest interest rates and the highest population growth in Australian history.

Interest rates at these lows are something we should never take for granted. Yes, I realise they are forecast to come down even further but my honest view and my advice to all of you, is to use your increased borrowing capacity and lock in part of your facility.

Also on the Kick Start webcast was Brian Haratsis, MacroPlan Dimasi’s Founder and Executive Chairman, who talked about how amazing this population growth is and how it’s going to continue for, we think, at least the next 10 years.

 On China, Chinese purchasing property in Australia last year was up 77%. And this will continue to grow as confirmed by Heidy Rong on our webcast.

For those of you that would like to view our KickStart webcast again or for the first time, please email rsvp@www.custodian.com.au.

These certainly are amazing times. The dynamic is changing quickly. I think the most pertinent advice is: “If you’re standing still you’re going backwards” because change is the only constant.

Kind regards


CEO, Custodian

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