To control your mind first control your diet. I believe the vast majority of our health and mental problems are diet related. In a single strawberry you buy at the supermarket there are 57 different chemicals and pesticides. And if the chemicals don’t get you SUGAR will. We are an obese nation. Caffeine, alcohol, tobacco and sugar all cause stress. Stress kills us and ages us prematurely. At least once a year do 30 days no CATS. Just drink water or cold pressed juice and eat salad or vegetables, no meat. Try it, I promise it won’t hurt and will be a good detox. You’re not only detoxing your body but you will clear your mind because a lot of what you crave is emotional eating. And if you want to take it a step further I can recommend a couple of other programs to really detox you………. Good month is September…….spring clean!!! Use it or lose it. If you don’t use your muscles you will lose them. You must exercise. Whatever you can do, do it now because we are all getting older and as we do our bodies degenerate. You already know this but if I’m talking about positivity it’s been proven that exercise combats depression. It produces endorphins……. You can’t help but feel good. I exercise every day, always have. Design or default. Look for inspiration. I spend time one on one with people who inspire me. My mentors, the teachers and boys at the school and once or twice a year I will search for someone exceptional. I spent a morning with Leonard Long, Australian painter in 2012. He was 101 then and preparing for his showing. Every morning he would go to his studio at 8am and start painting until 3pm then would read a book and do some exercise, he died in 2013 age 102. A great inspiration and friend of mine was Howard Murphett (1908-2004). He was 91 years old and blind when we were chatting and he was saying he thought he would die at 94. I said well you have enough time to write another book then (he had written 6 since age of 60). He wrote 2 more! At a client breakfast in Sydney in July two ladies inspired me. Stella, a single mum, spoke of how she bought her first property with us in 1998 after being knocked back for finance by 5 lenders. We called to say we got her loan approved and she said that was a turning point as if it wasn’t approved she was going to give up. She bought in Wynnum Brisbane for $157,000 and now has 6 other properties. Barbara was also at the breakfast and told her story of how she grew up in a housing commission flat and is now a single lady earning $60,000 but owns 3 investment properties‘I never dreamed that would be possible for someone like me’ ….. Out of 26 clients at the breakfast I don’t think any had a dry eye……. Inspiring. Search out people that inspire you and spend time with them……. GET inspired!! FEEL it. Know thy self We are born with a DNA blueprint. You can get your genetics analysed as this is something you can’t change. It will tell you exactly how you have been hard wired and the best way to manage yourself. I will be doing a section on this on our client webinar on 1st September and offering you the opportunity to have your genetics tested. It’s fascinating and will help you to understand our help risk profile and offer tweaking to combat these risks. I will finish with one of my favourite people who visited me this week; Father Charles Ogada. He is a catholic priest but open to all religions and he runs an orphanage and school in Nigeria, which we have supported for many years. He started with 12 kids and now has 270. He never quite knows where money will come from for food each week or to help expand the school……. But it always does; miracles as he says. And miracles do happen, look around you and open up and feel it. Mark Twain said anyone who stops learning is old….. Whether 20 or 80. Anyone who keeps learning is young. The greatest thing you can do is keep your mind young.

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