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“In an ever-changing investment climate, you need
an all-weather, proven property strategy. And this is it.”

John Fitzgerald wrote this book more than 25 years ago. 
It explains the vital difference between property and real estate, but more importantly how every homeowner should be utilising their most previous asset to gain long-term financial benefits – safely. 
It also expands into one of the most underrated concepts when it comes to finance: Good Debt vs Bad Debt. 
This book is recommended by three of Australia’s biggest property billionaires, as an essential tool that should be taught in schools. The First chapter is on us. Enjoy.5

Recommended by three of Australia's Billionaires

"Making Investment Attainable. Once you understand how it all works and how you just need to be a homeowner and employed to start, it is a game changer. The author has managed to make investment attainable, in a simple language anyone can understand, not just investors. On point. "

This is what people say about our property investment plan

Brian Brick
Brian W.
Client since 2006

“It was more than just about the money. There is a sense of integrity with the company and with John Fitzgerald.”

Margaret Brick
Margaret Seedman
Client since 1998

“It has been about 25 years since I joined Custodian. I was looking at different way of earning money because our retirement was looming, and Robert had done very little about retirement because he was never going to retire. After going to John’s event I could see the potential for building something at my age of 55.

Craig Brick
Craig Chu
Client since 2002

“It’s been 13 years since I’ve started the programme and we have used all the advantages that’s available in the tax system to help us pay off our mortgage earlier and use the equity build up in our own home to purchase investment properties and to replicate. That’s been a fair eye opener for me.

jeff brick
Jeffs Wells
Client since 2001

“Starting out with Custodian, I thought it was about buying houses, but I soon learned it was much, much more. I fell in love with “…the buzz, personal growth and friendships that are found in mixing with other successful, goal-oriented people.

Wendy & brett Brick
Wendy & Brett
Client since 2005

“You need to plan for the future but the now needs to be good too. Our lifestyle has already changed for the better – we now have five properties in three states.”

Aarti and CHAITANYA brick
Aarti & Chaitanya
Clients since 2021

“Custodian taught us it’s possible to move away from being a dream to making it real, but you have to make the first move”