The difference between success and failure is habits.

As you get older you need to be more conscious of your daily habits. The most important is retaining a positive mind………… Positive thinking changes everything about you and around you. It is no secret that successful people have positive energy.  They look at things positively, optimistically.  They look at what can be.  Unsuccessful people often look at things pessimistically, telling themselves why it can’t happen, why it won’t happen.  Are those the kind of people we want to be?  Are those the kind of people we want to have around us?

Some people get ‘old and grumpy’. They feel the best years are behind them, they haven’t made the most of opportunities that came along …Their bodies aren’t as flexible, their metabolism is slowing down and the new world of technology is complicating what was once a simple life.

‘Be in this world but not of this world’ is one of my favorite yogi sayings. My yoga master translates that simply to be conscious of love with every breath (we teach that at Toogoolawa school, and it works). There’s some science to it as there are only 2 fundamental emotions: Love and fear. Fear is the absence of love.

So what’s the one daily habit we can change?

It starts by knowing with every new breath you take, that you, in fact, have a choice: you can be attached to your world, or ‘let go’.

We need to let go of the things that make us dependent, if for no other reason than as a powerful symbol of our commitment to freedom, choice and following our success path.

When you take the first steps on a long journey, as you head towards the outer edges of your comfort zone, funny things happen.  Confronted with the unknown, your mind can conjure up all kinds of fears, downsides, what-ifs, perhaps-I’d-better-nots and general excuses for slowing down and stopping – or never starting.

Standing still isn’t an option.  In financial terms, if you stand still, you go backward and your financial future passes you by.

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