Beyoncé Not For My Party!

There is no way I would choose Beyoncé to entertain at my party this year, given the other options we featured on the Kickstart webinar, yet 16% of attendees said that would be my choice…. Really!?

If you want to change your life for the better, change your habits, and the best place to start is with your nutrition. Our special guest on Kickstart was a huge hit and many clients have now engaged him to fine-tune their dietary habits for peak performance. A great way to get started in 2020. On top of that many hundreds of clients have signed up for the 2020 CATS challenge. No Caffeine, Alcohol, Tobacco or Sugar for 7-28 days in February.

The most take up though was for strategy sessions with me. This is what I love doing, as I see the results of tweaking minor things here and there that unblocks our flow and opens us up to abundance.

We are all a product of our daily habits. As we get older we need to work both a little harder, and actually smarter.

It’s the same with our property portfolio. The more properties we have the more important staying on top of cash flow and growth is. Particularly today as values are increasing by the month and every day banks are offering new and better deals on interest rates.

On that note we have a 95% lead product with no lenders mortgage insurance on a limited number of properties in 2 of our estates. You do need the 5% cash deposit but this is a opportunity you all should consider; especially if you’re wanting to expand your portfolio and are a little short on equity.

There’s a lot going on in the world. News is focused on bushfires and Coronavirus. It’s super important for you to consciously protect and work on your mindset. Successful people are ‘open and conscious’. They’re open to new ways and conscious of their environment.

This is an amazing time for us in real estate. Market will see 20% growth this year (there has already been more than 1% per month over the last 4 months) whilst interest rates are at an all-time low and forecast to go lower.

You will look back on January 2020 in a few years and say that was when I could have………… or did?

Let’s talk soon? 






The Ride of a Lifetime by Robert Igor

Bob Igor is CEO of Disney and took over at a critical time. His bold moves in the first year set the pace and established Disney as the heir apparent in the entertainment space.


The Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer

Michael Singer is a monk who built a billion dollar business. This is one of the best spiritual based books you could read that gives an insight into meditation, success and overcoming obstacles.


I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes

Wow what a book! Probably the best fiction book I’ve ever read. So well written and gets you from page 1. The only problem is that after you read it every other fiction book will be a little disappointing.

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