What makes us different?

Custodians are different no doubt. This was reinforced by the fact that 71% of our Kickstart webinar attendees in early January had already commenced an action to make a positive change this year.

What’s more is that 69% have committed to buying their next property this year pending borrowing capacity. In the first quarter (by end of March) many Custodians will take possession of their 8th, 9th or 10th property and in late 2018, one Custodian settled her 20th property. All great milestones. The numbers set us aside, if you have 4 or more investment properties you’re in the top 1% of all investors.

2019 is going to be a great year for us Wealth-builders.

You’ll know what I’m talking about if you tuned into our Kickstart webinar when Kim Cannon the CEO of Firstmac disclosed that the RBA want to stimulate the property market. They over compensated with APRA tightening lending and banks under scrutiny. The decline in Melbourne and Sydney went too far.

As Kim disclosed, the banks will be back lending this year and I think we will be surprised at how quickly the markets react. We are already seeing first home buyers (FHB) come out of the woodwork. 78% of Custodians downloaded the full interview with Kim Cannon which tells me finance is a key consideration for everyone today. My only disagreement with Kim was who he would choose to have playing at his private party for 200 friends; Pink Floyd or AC/DC??

I’m joining the many Custodian multiple investors buying in Melbourne (there were 7 suburbs that grew last year in Melbourne and we are in 3 of them), Adelaide and of course South East Queensland.

I’ve been in this business now for over 35 years. What makes successful investors, and more importantly, successful people is resilience. Resilience, to me is finding a way forward where others give up. That’s Custodians; again from Kickstart the vast majority believes there will be a change of government yet they also believe it doesn’t make any difference. There is nothing stopping them from moving forward. This won’t stop Custodians from moving forward and achieving their goals. Jen Fordham-Leppitsch (11 properties) was a great example to us all on our webinar of what true resilience is.

Here’s a stat that caught my attention from Kickstart; 38% of Custodians want to stop procrastinating and 31% want to change their diet. Me thinks there’s a connection with these two and as I said when I was introducing this year’s CATS challenge, if you want to change your life for the better, start with your diet. In fact, I believe what goes in your mouth and comes out of it are big contributors to your happiness and success.

No one said it better than Leigh Anderson who went from a 104kg couch potato to world triathlon champion in under 3 years. Start by pulling out the weeds and then replacing them with flowers. As Leigh said you need endurance before speed, you can’t build endurance on top of speed. Like many of our Custodians, they continue to multiply even when the growth is slow as they know, when it comes it will come fast and with multiple properties it sure does speed up the wealth. That’s compounding.

Nearly half of the webinar attendees have signed up for this year’s CATS challenge, starting 10th February 2019 (no caffeine, alcohol, tobacco or sugar) for 7, 14 or 28 days. This will be our biggest participation since we started CATS nearly 8 years ago and I’ve had many clients tell me the remarkable benefits they have received from this challenge. If you missed out and want to sign up for CATS, email your name and mobile number to ceo@jlf.com.au.

It’s so true that life is what you make it. But the key is you being positive, responsible and proactive. The opposite of that are people who are negative, blame others for where they are today and procrastinate.

This positive, responsible, proactive mindset becomes a daily habit. You see problems as challenges and obstacles as opportunities to grow. A classic takeaway from founder of ‘A Day on the Green’ and a great Custodian, Michael Newton; “you’re not a music promoter until you’ve lost $1m on a show!”.

And how good was Kerwin Rae the top motivational business coach. Talk about a guy that walks the walk with his daily habits.

Zig Ziglar said ‘motivation is like a shower, get some every day’. It’s so true. If you haven’t tuned into our kickstart, please go here to do it now, it’s a well-spent hour.

And if you did tune in, I strongly suggest you replay those amazing interviews with some amazing Custodians and friends.

They’re different, just like us.

I’ll finish with one of the most powerful comments I heard at the memorial of my great mentor who died last year at age 87. He was incredibly successful and yet when his son asked did he have any regrets he said “he thought too much when he should have just acted”.

Make 2019 your best ever.

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