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“We all have a story. Mine isn’t that unusual.

I moved to the Gold Coast at 17 with only $200 in my pocket. I had no idea what to do or where to start. By sheer luck, I met my key mentors who changed everything. They guided and pushed me to learn and work hard, but most importantly they showed me by example how to build true personal wealth.

By 25 I owned and developed multiple investment properties and now, 40 years later, I have bought, developed and sold over 15,000 properties.

This is the bit where I tell you that if I could build wealth, anyone could. Well, it’s not just a line, it’s my story. You’ll have your own to tell.

By openly sharing my story I’ve built a community to be proud of. It’s time for you to join tens of thousands of successful Australians.”

"Land is the foundation of all wealth."

- John Fitzgerald

Land is the highest performing growth asset in Australia. Land is the ‘real’ part of ‘real estate’. Custodian company is the Investment Land Specialist. There is simply no other.

Through Custodian Network Education we have been educating Australians on the science of building wealth using real estate for more than 20 years. Since then, we have helped over 250,000 Australians.

Over this time, this real estate has delivered our investors an average annual return on equity of more than 40%. Our work has always been based on one key investment principle identified by our CEO John L. Fitzgerald, the writer of 7 Steps to Wealth book.

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Land values have grown significantly faster than house prices in every capital city.

At Custodian, we live and breathe real estate – we know that it is the path to growth and wealth and that “property” is simply what sits on the real estate to give us cashflow and leverage.

So why does land outperform? It’s all to do with supply and demand. Land is a commodity which is limited in supply. You can’t make anymore. The demand for land continually grows as the population increases. “Bricks and mortar” is not in limited supply.

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