For those of you who attended our last webinar for the year, thank you! What an attendance! We were overwhelmed with requests for a new Property Portfolio Review, as well as enquiries into our stock in Victoria and Queensland. You sure are keeping us busy! If you missed it, you can still watch it here for the next week or so.

I thought I would share some insights on the recent webinar as we head towards 2017.

Sydney median house price growth is not slowing down, Melbourne is picking up with 4% growth just in the last 4 months. Brisbane lot sales have doubled in 5 years and started to see an increase in its median as well; population growth will soon overtake the amount of dwellings available in Australia. If you add to this migration and Chinese investments, expect to see a change in land use and lot size. In fact it has already started. Buying decent size blocks should be your top priority, given you are purchasing in high growth areas when it comes to population and infrastructures.

Our latest house designs are taking us ahead of this curve, providing a range of options for shared living. Those are already very popular with Custodian Clients in our emerging estates. If you would like to see more, register for the Kickstart webinar in the New Year or contact the team if you cannot wait.

In this month’s newsletter, I want to leave you with three important points:

  1. We study the numbers because numbers don’t lie. The introduction of both the App and the new Property Portfolio Review will contain those numbers and better even, YOUR numbers. I am very excited about these new tools because they will you give you some valuable insights into your very own portfolio. If you haven’t booked your PPR yet, jump on the webinar and answer yes when prompted.
  2. Looking at your answers on the webinar, half of you have not locked your rates yet. While this is entirely up to you, I wanted to reinforce how it can assist you with your Borrowing Capacity. If you would like to talk to someone, simply email; so long as you are aware of how locking can benefit you when it comes to duplicating. Then the choice is yours.
  3. Motivation is a personal thing. It’s not always easy to stay motivated at all times, but if you can find the one thing that makes you tick, stick to it and embrace it. It will drive you, no matter the challenges ahead.

My next Newsletter will be just before Christmas – on 20th December. I have some exciting announcements about the Kickstart webinar so don’t miss it, stay tuned.

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