One of the most powerful techniques that I use is create a visualisation. I see it as almost my right brain reprogramming my left brain. I’ve worked for many years with Dr. Onfama and he works in behaviour therapy. Behaviour therapy is just a fancy word, or neurolinguistics programming of fancy words, for programming your mind to achieve. I do it through visualisation, and probably one of the best examples is Major James Nesbit. He was a US Colonel who was caught behind enemy lines in Vietnam, obviously during the Vietnam war. He spent seven years in a cage, literally. What he used to do during his time was imagine playing on every golf course that he could think of back home. He was just an average golfer, but he used to do this as a visualisation to almost train his mind that he was going to get out, and that when he did get out the reward for him was to play that game of golf. Every day, seven days a week, four to five hours a day, he would play his game of golf in his mind.

When he was finally released he physically played that game of golf and hit an amazing two above par. Why that’s amazing, it was 20 strokes better than his best ever score, and he hadn’t actually played golf physically for seven years. That’s the power of visualisation. What I’m going to do now is I’m going to walk you through the steps of creating a workshop of your mind so that you can use visualisation in reaching your goals. We’ve gone and established our goals, we’ve written them down and now we’ve got to begin to see them, programme our left brain to go out and find it for us. What I want you to do is get in a comfortable position, make sure the clothes aren’t too hot and you’re not too cold. Sit in a comfortable chair, back straight, and as we begin the next track we’re going to begin to build the workshop of the mind. But please, don’t listen to this while you’re driving your car.

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