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A proven science to reduce your mortgage by 7 to 10 years

A Thousand people attend our webinars every month.

99% agree that it has changed their perspective about the road ahead of them.

If you’re wondering how to save tax and reduce your mortgage by 7 to 10 years - without impacting your lifestyle today, this is the event for you.


Our Clients tell the story better than we do. They know what overcoming their fears and taking action means - they decided one day to trust us in assisting them with securing their financial freedom.

For most, the mind shift wasn't easy but in the end they are glad they never looked back.

They tell their story everyday and we are proud to be part of our legacy.


Now in its 8th edition, the 7 Steps to Wealth book has been recommended by three of Australia’s TOP 100 Billionaires; it is a true testament to the success of our clients achieving their financial goals in the last 21 years

Buy Land and Duplicate



It all started with a book 21 years ago - and a strategy that stood the test of times for thousands of clients. Real Estate has been the best performing asset for the past 50 years. It is no wonder that wealth resides in the Land.

It all started with a one hour event for our clients, years, months or even days ago. They too understand the magic of Compound Growth


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Head Office campus - Gold Coast (pictured)

832 Southport-Nerang Road, Nerang, QLD 4211
P.O. Box 2256 – Nerang MDC – QLD 4211
Our other offices are based in Sydney and Melbourne.


TOLL FREE 1800 174 999


Daily: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Saturdays: open for finance strategy sessions and inspections.


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