Custodian has been helping Australians successfully build wealth since 1998.

Our Mission

Change the pension-dependent culture in Australia by teaching Australians how to achieve financial independence by building wealth in real estate investment.

We engage, educate and motivate Australians to be all they can be.

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We’ve assisted thousands of Australians in building portfolios that will ultimately secure their retirement with peace of mind. 

The crucial question you must ask yourself is: Do you possess the resources to ensure financial freedom for you and your family before and after retirement?

If the answer is no or unsure, take an hour of your time and book yourself into our online webinars, or simply read the book in your spare time.


The Journey with Custodian

1. Search for the Right Land

We source land in super high growth areas and within councils that have a propensity for higher density rezoning to maximise our land growth per m2. Our events will inform you on how to follow the right strategy to acquire this land.

2. Educating & goal setting

We educate Australians on how to invest in property to reach their full financial potential by hosting seminars and webinars across the country, and have done so for more than 25 years. After each event you are invited to sit down with the team to go over your personal goals. Free of charge.

3. Investigate - Financial Strategy

After the goals session, you are invited to take the next step and sit down with one of our financial strategists to dig into the numbers and assess whether you are financially able to start (or continue) investing in property.

4. Finance & Legal teams

The next step is to really crunch the numbers and evaluate the land to see if it all stacks up for our clients. When you start the journey with us, our Investloan finance team, along with our legal team, will work their wizardry to get you to settlement.

5. Construction and Property Advice Management

After land settlement, our construction team will work with you until handover. we also put you in touch with one of our preferred agents to secure a tenant as soon as possible — and if our agents somehow can't get a tenant in, we'll personally pay the rent until they do (That is our Tenant Gap Cover guarantee – 12months)!

6. Ongoing Support, Education & Duplication

We empower our clients to manage their own properties, and provide them with full ongoing support and advice after their tenant moves in, regardless of whether they’re just starting their portfolio or have millions of dollars’ worth of properties.

7. Help you achieve Step 7

Our Clients

From the moment they sit down with our team, to the day they retire, our Clients know that they are with us for the long game. Our ongoing support and education network are instrumental in keeping them aligned with their goals.

Custodian Clients are from all walks of life; what unites them is a shared realization of the profound impact Land can have over time, coupled with the ability to navigate through distractions and focus on the bigger picture.

Here are some of their stories.

What steps can you take next?

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it all starts with setting goals, then we look at your financial position and how you can make it work for you to achieve those goals. Ask us how.
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Read the 7 Steps to Wealth book

“In an ever-changing investment climate, you need an all-weather, proven property strategy. And this is it.”

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How do we help our clients and how can we help you?

21st Birthday-53

Substituting procrastination with Action

"Meeting with John, helped push me out of my comfort zone. No more procrastination: it was time to act!" - Jeffrey W.

Putting theory into practice

"It is theory and practice. I knew the theory but what I learned from Custodian was how to put it into practice" - Craig C.

Not being afraid to take action and seeing it through

"The motivation to keep going is by virtue the fact that you know that it's worked." - Brian W.

Realising it does not affect your lifestyle today

"I started looking at property investment as the long game. It was hand in hand with what I wanted to achieve for my family. The first thing that gave me peace of mind was I'm secure" - Blessing M.

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Download one of the following tools to start the journey – courtesy of our Managing Director – James Fitzgerald.


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