Use Custodian Borrowing Calculator to Look at Lending Options

You’re motivated. Disciplined. You have exactly the right kind of attitude that Custodian Financial Planning and Super Accountants is looking for in potential investors. And there was something about us that caught your eye – otherwise you wouldn’t be taking the time out of your busy schedule to learn a little more about us, and about our goals to help current and future Australians understand how to properly invest in property around the area. And with the aid of a borrowing calculator and the advice of one of our several financial consultants, we can find out the exact plan that will help you get to where you need to be.

Custodian has enabled us to do what we’re doing and we’re well on our way to financial freedom and independence. We trust them and we are more confident with investing.” – Donna Lewis

If you’re looking to invest, chances are that you’ll need a little step up to get started. Custodian can help by meeting with you one on one to assess what your financial situation is at the present time, calculating your income, expenses, taxes, and several other factors that impact your finances on an annual and day to day basis. Using our borrowing calculator, your personal counsellor will take this information to evaluate whether or not you qualify for an investment loan. If you do, we will go over a variety of options that are customised to fit within your budget and designed to help you maximise the largest amount of growth you will see over a period of time.

Schedule a consultation today by calling 1800 174 999 to see how we can help you invest not only in property, but in the single most important thing in your life – your future.

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