Custodian and Toogoolawa school story

Toogoolawa means a place in the heart.

Since 1989 we have provided accommodation and education to boys who society has left behind. Aged 8-15 they have mostly been excluded from mainstream schooling and are often traumatized in their living environment.

Though each year the school costs us over $1.5 million to run, we believe that is the money well spent. Fortunately, in 2014, the Queensland Government acknowledged the ground-breaking methods we use – and our amazing teachers and social workers – by granting Toogoolawa $3 million to build a new wing. So, why does Custodian support Toogoolawa school?

Why does Custodian support Toogoolawa school?

The Toogoolawa school is a unique model designed to revolve around the five universal Human Values of Truth, Love, Peace, Right Conduct and Non-violence.

In the 35 years of Toogoolawa school’s operations, over 1,580 students have benefited from the education program. Of these, about one-third of the boys have integrated back into mainstream schooling. Others enter traineeships or TAFE courses. Around 85% of the students leave Toogoolawa and take on some form of work or study.

For all perspective, CEO John L. Fitzgerald and Custodian team are proud to be part of this and continue the valuable contribution to Toogoolawa school. These achievements are the reasons for our commitment with the values found in 7 Steps to Wealth: ‘be all you can be’. By creating Custodian specifically to support Toogoolawa school, boys have been all they can be.

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