Your first property investment? Start here!

If you’ve never been exposed to the world of investments, whether it be the stock market or simply investing money in a stallion on the track, the idea of starting up an investment in anything at all can be a formidable event, especially with real estate. The housing market is a uniquely different animal that has ups and downs that sets it apart from the rest of the world when it comes to investments, but we promise that if you have the right people by your side and a mindset intent to conquer obstacles, your first property investment won’t be as difficult as it looks.

“I thought I was an astute investor but after I heard John speak, three things really stuck in my mind. 1. Buying a property and hanging on to it. 2. It’s the land that appreciates and 3. There is a big difference between investing and building wealth.” – Jenny Fordham-Leppitsch

Because it is your first property investment, it is extremely important to educate yourself and learn from professional property builders. You’ll need a knack to be on your toes and be open to all different kinds of learning, because when Custodian promises an investor that investing in a certain property will be the most lucrative decision they’ve ever made, we stand by it. Your goals become our goals, and we understand that when you come to us for financial advice, you are handing over the reins of your future to find out what steps you can take to meet your objectives. You trust Custodian to give you sound advice, and we do everything within our power to tailor the best investment strategy that will help you reach your fullest potential.

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