How Much Do I Need to Retire at 55? 60? Book a Consultation With Custodian to Find Out!

When you’re looking to retire, there are several questions that you must ask yourself. When can I retire? How much do I need to retire at fifty-five? How much do I need to retire at sixty? If I wait longer to retire will I need less? How will I afford to maintain my current cost of living? These are all incredibly important questions to ask, and equally important to find answers to before it becomes too late. And the answers depend on how you’re living now. Traditionally, if you are making $100,000 a year and you want to live comfortably, you’ll want to ensure that you have at least seventy to eighty per cent of that annual income making its way into your bank account. In this case, around $80,000 a year.

Listen to our CEO’s talk about planning for early retirement in this video:

How Much Do I Need to Retire In Order to Live Comfortably?

Despite the example above, our research shows that the answer usually isn’t as much as we typically think. You want to be able to live without fear that you’ll run out of money and end up on the streets well into your seventies, and that’s not a situation anybody wants. But you also want to have finances set up so that, should an emergency pop, you’ll have the means to cover it without putting a dent into your savings. Unexpected costs like house repairs and medical bills don’t typically make it on to the average person’s monthly budget. And although you don’t need as much money as you’re currently making to survive once you retire at fifty-five, or even sixty, you do want to make sure that you have enough set aside to cover the cost of something that wasn’t meant to be within your set financial plan.

You Can Stop Asking Yourself The Question Of “How Much Do I Need to Retire?” With Custodian’s Retirement Plan

“Investing in real estate has given us choices. We won’t be ‘retiring’, just changing direction. We’re really looking forward to it.” – Kerry Bishop

Custodian has been helping customers all across Australia with their retirement plans, and we have a solution to help you retire at fifty-five, sixty, or even your forties if you’d like. You won’t have to worry about how much you’ll need because you’ll already have what you need in pocket. Property investment is a sure way to put your money somewhere that will be a constant source of income over the course of your life and years to come. It’s a smart move for prospective investors that are looking to set aside money for their future but also want to have a steady income even when you’re not working.

You can look forward to a stress-free retirement at any age, and you can start now by calling us on 1800 174 99 or visiting our website at Booking an appointment to participate in one of our risk-free seminars that will teach you how our customers have made a comfortable nest by following our CEO’s fireproof method of property investment. No longer will you be asking: how much do I need to retire? But rather, why did I not try this sooner?

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