How Much Super Do I Need to Retire? Let’s Find Out Today

One of the biggest questions when it comes time to start planning for retirement is this: how much super do I need to retire? The answer can vary from person to person depending on your current income and how much you want to live on annually during your retirement. Most Australians have calculated that you need seventy to eighty per cent of your annual income to live comfortably, but financial experts across the globe agree that while you may think you need to sustain your current income, it’s not completely necessary.

“Having my investments in place and on track is one less thing for me to worry about. If I didn’t have property, I’d be worrying about my retirement. My portfolio gives me peace of mind.” – James Smith

You can live on a lot less than what you actually make, but this only includes your day-to-day and annual budget you’ve calculated for retirement. This doesn’t typically include emergency expenses like house repairs and medical bills that can spontaneously pop into your life when you least expect it.

So the question remains. How much super do I need to retire? Custodian Financial Planning and Super Accountants has been helping individuals answer questions like these for the past twenty years. With experience spanning across all areas of finances, including but not limited to land development, super funds, loans and debt, acquisitions, and property investment, we can assist you in figuring out exactly what amount you’ll need to retire.

Visit our website at Booking an appointment or call us on 1800 174 99 to sign up for a risk-free informational seminar. Our consultants will work with you by using our proven financial calculator to evaluate just how much you’ll need to retire and what you can do to boost those numbers in the long term.

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