I wanted to share with you the exit polls from our recent 2017 Kickstart as I think the results would be interesting to all Custodians.

The result that surprised me the most was that 77% were interested in strategies to overcome anxiety. Deborah Bispham, our guest speaker, asked the right question when she focused on what keeps you awake at night. Our lives these days are crazy busy and constantly digesting the millions of messages that fire across one of our receptors daily with a common theme of fear, so anxiety is a real issue. In fact I read somewhere that the world health organization is calling stress the epidemic to watch in the next 10 years, on a global level.
So yes, strategies to manage our minds are needed.

Nearly half of webinar attendees knew that the average price per lot Custodians were paying in Brisbane, 20 years ago, was $66/m², but less than 30% realized the lot size back then was average 795m².

The Sydney $1Million threshold and discussion around it drew the most interest. A commanding 75% felt Melbourne would hit median of $1Million in the next 3 years, whilst most felt Brisbane will take 2-3 years longer.

On finance, typical of our survey numbers, 37% needed to get a rate check as they could be paying too much, and 47% were overdue for an updated Borrowing Capacity (BC) calculation.

The banks are revising their BC calculators almost weekly so I always suggest a check every 6 months. Alex’s section on juggling finance and cash flow wasn’t just aimed at those under 40, as I think any wealth builder has to stay sharp on opportunities to reduce costs, increase income and prove up equity to improve BC. Well done Alex.

On the health side, we have a new record number signed up for this year’s CATS challenge. An amazing 47% of attendees are doing CATS right now (a few even started before the webinar).

Of the total, 30% are happy with 14 days CATS, whilst we had 17% sign up for 30 Days CATS and BPO (Best Possible Outcome). BPO is a new challenge set up by Deb Bispham, that deals with re-wiring the brain when it comes to anxiety, by recording and sending your best possible outcome for the day. Those who have signed up will do this every day for 30 days. You would have received an email highlighting how to do this.

The transportation revolution got most of the interest. For my money, the biggest change we will see in our lifetime and for our business (land use) will be the self-driving car. Ford are going to be mass producing them with no steering wheel or pedals by 2021.

If you want to see the full versions here they are:

A big thanks to all who participated in this year’s Kickstart. The exit polls confirmed 99% of those attending got a lot out of it (we will still work hard to convert the 1%).

As usual if you have any topic you would like us to address send us a note and we can try to fit it in.

Again we had record numbers of clients on the webinar, and big thanks to Darren and Marie on my team, with marketing and production, and then of course our local and international guest speakers.

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If you have any questions at all, contact the VIP team at vip@custodianvip.com

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