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There is a myth about a city lost to the rainforests of South America. A sprawling kingdom tucked behind lonely, forgotten mountains that are erected and blessed the shine of pure gold. El Dorado. The long-sought dream of modern-day historians and Spanish conquistadores alike. Many talks of the endless creation of wealth that this mythical city provides, and how the people of El Dorado were so laden with gold that they gave it back to the water in an effort to appease the gods and to continue their life of prosperity.

Now, there is speculation surrounding the actual existence of such a place, though there are many that would like to find it to partake in the wealth that it would surely offer. Of course, a little adventure accompanying a nice lump sum never hurt anybody either. But, like many myths surrounding the idea that wealth creation is dependent on winning the lotto or discovering buried treasure, it simply isn’t true that you have to rely on fantastic measures to be able to set aside some money for the future.

Wealth Creation in Australia Occurs When You Invest Wisely

“I’ve interviewed hundreds of Custodians and listened to their stories. I’ve been to their homes – and even to their new dream homes. I know their stories are real and their wealth building is working.” – Moira McLean

Trekking across South America isn’t exactly a solid endeavour to build secure finances down the road for when you want to retire, but investing is. And Custodian Capital Investments has been in the business of ensuring that wealth creation in Australia isn’t just another myth. In fact, wealth creation in Brisbane, wealth creation in Melbourne, and even wealth creation in Sydney are all extremely possible if you have the right financial strategist to help coach you through the process of finding the right property investment advice to fit within your means.

Having to Work Hard for Your Money is a Myth

El Dorado isn’t the only legend floating around the world, and it certainly won’t be the last. But there are a few myths that you should be aware of when looking to invest in anything at all, especially properties. For example, wealth creation, whether it be in Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane, does not depend on how hard or long you work in your lifetime. If this were true, many blue collar workers would be making more money than the majority of white collar employees. What it takes is patience, dedication, and a drive to succeed. And our Seven Steps to Wealth:

  1. Buy land for capital growth
  2. Optimise your rental income
  3. Maximise your tax benefits
  4. Get the right finance to build your portfolio
  5. Affordability
  6. Use time to work for you
  7. Be all you can be

You can learn to utilize these steps by attending one of the many seminars we have available this month. Wealth creation isn’t just for those who have money to throw it around. It’s for property investors like yourself who can harness their love for risk and adventure and invest it into something that could grow to become so much more. You never know – maybe your city of gold is just around the corner.

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